Transylvania Challenge

Transylvania Challenge is a trekking and adventure providing company based in Cristian, near Brasov, in Romania. It provides packages as well as tailor-made trips for all tastes, skills and experiences. The company works with experience guides and leaders and the absolutely complete satisfaction of customers is the main raison d'être of the firm.

Areas of interest

The mountainous area around Brasov is, possibly, the most spectacular and most interesting in the whole Romania. The natural beauty, the rich history and a unique culture make this Transylvanian corner a major attraction for any foreign visitor. Indeed, there must be few who have not heard of the famous Bran Castle, about the medieval city of Kronstadt (Brasov) or the Fagaras Mountains. Transylvania Challenge is offering a window to intimately know some of these outstanding features in its packages.


Everyone working with Transylvania Challenge were born and lived most of their lives in this area. They're true locals and know the hidden treasures of Southern Transylvania better than anyone else. Based on their experiences and advice, we have put together a number of packages of various degrees of difficulty, each of them passing through the major attractions of Brasov area. However, what Transylvania Challenge adds to the experience is the local knowledge, the small hunters' track than most people ignore, the little lake and it's legend of the beautiful lady or the secret climbing passage between two valleys. Click here to read about all our ready-made packages...

Custom made adventures

Despite our best efforts to make packages which are varied and adapted to all public, there are always people who have specific time constraints or wish a different experience altogether. We are prepared to work together with our customers in providing them with the best experience, either by adapting an already defined tour or creating and adventure from scratch. An online form will guide you to defining your needs.


Once Romania has entered the European Union, its connection with Europe and the rest of the world have become easier and significantly cheaper. Now almost all airports in Romania have a number of cheap flights from all major hubs in Europe and the international train and bus systems are well developed. The Brasov area is situated in the centre of the country, only 100 miles north of Bucharest, well developed and easy to reach from almost everywhere.

Our promise

We have made all the efforts to create packages that have the greatest potential possible. Our guides are well prepared and know a lot about the area, its legends and history. We can promise that no details were left to chance and that you're in the best hands whilst in Romania. We are a small company and we praise ourselves for our human dimension, we hope we welcome customers and bid farewell to friends.