Getting There

Travel Info

Tara Barsei(Barsa Land) lay on the central part of Romania, between Carpathians Mountains at south and Olt River at north.

How can you reach us:

By plane: In order to access Brasov, you can fly to one of the following airports:, Sibiu(140km), Bucharest (180 Km). All of our standard trips have included a car transfer from one of the above mentioned airports. If you’ll like to have a tailor made trip or a self-guided trip you can organize your travel by your own or let us organize it for you.

From these locations, you can take a train, a minivan, rent a car or ask for us to pick you up at the airport. A car transfer is between 80-100 euros and takes about 2-4 hours, depending on distance. There are also options to fly to Timisoara (420 km from Brasov), or Arad (410 km from Brasov), Oradea (420 km), Cluj Napoca (272 km),Tg Mures (178 Km) from where you can come by train or we can arrange a car transfer. Check this operators for cheap flights to Budapest and other mentioned airports:,,,, .

By train: Brasov can be reached by train from most of the big cities of Romania (Bucharest-3 hours, Oradea-7 hours, Timisoara-7 hours, Cluj Napoca-5 hours, Iasi-7 hours) Sibiu (3 hours). Trains timetable are available at:

By car, bus or by bike: Brasov is on the E60, a major European route which makes a connection between Western and Eastern Europe. If you come from Western Europe the best choice  to access Brasov would be via Vienna , Budapest and Oradea. If you come from Eastern Europe or from the eastern part of Romania, there are plenty of routes to reach Brasov. Bus timetables are available at:

If you need any assistance in getting here, please let us know, we’ll try to come back to you with our suggestions.