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Thank you for choosing an adventure with¬†Transylvania Challenge. If you require assistance at any stage, during your booking, don’t hesitate to call our friendly and knowledgeable team on +40740176156.

After you’ll fill in this form we will then proceed with the requested reservations and contact you once your booking is confirmed (normally within 3 working days), by sending you a booking confirmation form that you’ll need to sign and send it back to us either by fax or by email. Completing the booking form does not result in immediate confirmation of your holiday.

For this reason, if you are making your own travel arrangements (or any other independent arrangements which depend on your Transylvania Challenge holiday), we strongly advise you not to book these until you hear from us. If we are unable to arrange the holiday requested, we will, of course, refund your deposit promptly and in full.

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Choose a name for your group (if the booking is not individual). Please note that ALL group members should fill in the form, clearly indicating the name chosen for the group each time.