Ready-made adventures

Bucegi Mountains

A traveler is better with a backpack on! To prove this statement we propose a hiking trip that will allow you to make several trails in Bucegi mountains including the highest point: "Omul" - 2'509 meters. Furthermore, during the trip you will have the chance to discover historical sights like: Peles Castle, Bran Castle and Rasnov Fortress. By joining us, you can discover a different Romania, one without gypsies or immigrants but one with extraordinary people and wonderful places.

Piatra Craiului Ridge

The "Piatra Craiului" mountains are very important for the romanian turism. The wildness and the enchantment of this mountains draws more and more tourists and gives us the chance to discover ourselves in a new and wonderful world. A world without stress and agglomeration but a green paradise with the most diverse challenges and satisfactions. This is a world where man can learn to appreciate the nature and be amazed by it every step of the way. And if this arguments did not convince you then the people from Magura-Bran, Bran Castle, Zarnesti Gorge and Rasnov Fortress are enough to make you consider entering with us in this wonderland.

Fagaras Mountains

This rock massif that is also called “The roof of Romania” offers a panoramic view over the “Tara Barsei” (Barsa Land), a view in which man is just a grain of sand in the landscape that opens from a high of 2500 meter. Our journey starts on a road located between the walls of the massif, a snake of asphalt that stares into the light blue sky.We will make a halt in a very special place: Balea Lake. This lake appears like an altar of water in a churc of stone at the base of the over 2000 meters mountain. We will then cross a part of the ridge until we will reach the highest point of the Romanian Carpathian Mountains, the peak "Moldoveanu". The joy and the enthusiasm will make the tiredness and the torment caused by this trip to disappear, leaving us with the wonderful feeling that we are the supreme masters over “Tara Barsei” (Barsa Land). The rest will become a magnificent story to tell at the fireside in the cold winter nights.

Barsa Land

By its geographical position, Brasov was always an important city from both economically and culturally terms. Its importance in history made this place filled with very diverse population. This people managed to gather the social and cultural values from the western and eastern Europe becoming the point of connection between the two. In this trip we intend to visit as many places as possible and discover the real legends regarding this part of Romania. Brasov, Rasnov and Bran are localities filled with history and civilization. By joining us you will have the chance to discover a part of Tara Barsei (Barsa Land) history.

Back to Basics

Daily life connects us more and more to money and work. Monotony is characteristic of our times. To get out of this state will propose a few days back in nature. Back to basics is a package in which we combine bushcraft and survival skills with the joy of discovering Transylvania. You will live a unique experience where you will discover new boundaries and new challenges for yourself.